/8 DIY Weird Stress Relievers / Clever Barbie Life Hacks

8 DIY Weird Stress Relievers / Clever Barbie Life Hacks

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Tools and products:.
– Dolls.
– Double sided sequin material.
– Needle and also thread.
– Velcro.
– Hot glue weapon.
– Scissors.
– Tweezers.
– Plastic cover.
– Polymer clay.
– Wooden skewer.
– Knife.
– Slime glue.
– Gel washing detergent.
– Acrylic paints.
– Baking soda.
– Glitter.
– Bow.
– Pipe cleaners.
– Awl.
– Candle.
– Paper.
– Marker.
– Clear film.
– Parchment paper.
– Flat iron.
– Orbeez.
– Ribbon.
– Balloon.
– Rhinestones.
– Cardboard tube.
– Foam rubber.
– Foam paper.
– Pearly fifty percent beads.
– Thin brush.
– Tulle.
– Chiffon.
– Little pompoms.
– Elastic ribbon.
– Felt.
– Denim material.
– Metallic clothes fasteners.
– Lego items.

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