/10 Best Fun Food Pranks and DIY Prank Desserts

10 Best Fun Food Pranks and DIY Prank Desserts

Have you ever before tricked your mind into consuming dishes like sushi, pizza, poultry, or shrimps that are really wonderful and delicious ?! Well, it’s your time to make them as well as try them out or even better – fool your buddies! Remain tuned for more yummy mind-twisting treats!

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00:04 Spongy Birthday Cake
01:21 Mustard Glue Prank
02:27 Crispy Worm Surprise
03:37 Sweet Bucket of Chicken KFC
05:00 Sugary Shrimp Cocktail – Literally.
06:20 Sushi Dessert
07:38 Sweet Homemade Tacos
08:56 Pizza Dessert

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